Vitamina D3 600000 Ui?

D3 60000 IU Capsule is a supplement that helps in the normal functioning of your body. It also helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus into your blood. Thus, this medicine is used in the prevention and treatment of vitamin D3 deficiency.

How long does 300000 IU of vitamin D last?

600,000 IU of vitamin D – 42 ng at 3 months for 1 inj, 3 inj, oral monthly, o Single 300,000 IU Vitamin D dose lasts about 2 months– Nov 2016 Vitamin D – individual responses to 100,000 IU – March 2017 See any problem with this page?

How to calculate Rae from IU of vitamin D?

All you need to do is take the IU and multiply by 0.3 and you will get the mcg RAE. For example: To go the other way just divide: Most people are used to talking about vitamin D in IU, and that’s not a bad thing.

How many IU of vitamin D3 should you take a day?

Intervention: Oral vitamin D3 as 300,000 IU (Group 1; n=38) or 600,000 IU (Group 2; n=38) in a single day. Outcome variables: Primary: Serum 25 (OH)D, 12 weeks after administration of vitamin D3; Secondary: Radiological healing and serum parathormone at 12 weeks; and clinical and biochemical adverse effects.


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